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Douma Medical Center

Damascus Countryside Specialized Hospital

A service medical body of an administrative nature in its field of work. It is  civilian, independent of all political and military directions.

Field of Work:  Douma City and mainly its surrounding, in addition to all the Eastern Ghouta sector in parallel…particularly some certain specializations

Date of Foundation: 01/04/2011: when the state's health institutions retreated, the Medical Office was established to perform its duty. With time, work developed and widened into a concerted medical entity

Damascus Countryside Specialized Hospital

 Founded at the beginning of 2016 as a specialized integrated entity. The main principle in work is that everybody has a right in getting adequate medical care, and the medics have to provide this care for all people and in all specializations, as stated in the medical ethics.

The Aim: To provide medical care for all free of charge

The Cadres: several cadres who work in various specializations

Manpower & Employment: work depends on civic donations and support projects. Specialized cadres, nurses, technicians and volunteers work in the Office

:Special Aspects of the Office Works

dealing with war injuries known for their danger and difficulty under five years of besiege

The Eastern Ghouta Massacres on 21/08/2013 where chemical weapons of the Sarin Chlore gas was used. It was the first time the Office dealt with such injuries 

There were also various injuries and physical therapy treated by the hundreds by the Office in 2015 and 2016

The Office Sections: Surgery, Central Ambulance, Specialized Clinics, Physical Therapy, Internal Diseases, Intensive Care, Operations

The Pediatrics and Incubators Section

  (The Kidney Dialysis The only one in the Eastern Ghouta)

The Laboratory & Blood Bank Section

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